Hard floor cleaning, cleaning

In order to keep the hard floor in good condition, it is important not only to clean it, but also to wax or oil it so that it retains its original appearance. It is especially important to pay attention to hard floor coverings such as laminate, parquet and linoleum, so that they do not scratch, varnish or paint coating does not start to wear.

SIA “Tīrības pamats” offers cleaning and tidying of hard floor coverings so that the floor retains its original properties and looks like new.

What are the properties of floor waxing, lubrication and varnishing?

Waxing the floor helps to preserve the original appearance of the floor, as well as protects it from moisture, dirt, wear and prolongs the service life of the floor covering. It is also a great protection against floor scratches, as well as the pores are protected from dirt.

Floor lubrication is suitable to protect the floor from everyday wear and tear and make it more durable. The difference between a waxed and oiled floor is that the floor is impregnated with hardening oil and does not remain on the floor surface.

An oiled floor gives the floor a special effect that enhances the color and shine, as well as highlights the structure of the floor surface. It is no less important that the floor is warmer after waxing than a waxed or varnished floor.

Varnishing the floor gives the floor shine and enhances the color, as well as it becomes more resistant to wear. Painting a lacquered floor is easy, but it is important to avoid using a large amount of water when cleaning it.

What is the floor waxing process?

Before waxing the floor, it is important to clean the floor thoroughly and wash it with specially designed detergents to make waxing easier and more even. After washing and treating the floor, the wax is applied and leveled, then it is polished with a special wax and polishing machine to keep it as long as possible. This process is complicated and it is important that the work is performed by professional staff, so entrust the floor cleaning, cleaning and waxing to the professionals of SIA “Tīrības pamats” with years of work experience, so that the floor does not cause any worries.

Further care of the waxed floor is done with cleaning agents specially specified by the manufacturer, so that it is not damaged and it remains in good quality for as long as possible. It is important to remember that it must not be treated with unsuitable cleaning agents, otherwise it will be damaged and the wax will not perform its function.

We recommend that you clean the floor once or twice a year so that the floor is cleaned with special cleaners and a new layer of wax is applied to maintain the best possible appearance and properties. It is no less important to remember the wax manufacturer, whose wax has been used before, in order to have the best possible quality and result, because it is not recommended to mix waxes from different manufacturers.

We also offer floor wax removal to apply a completely new floor covering or other type of waxing.

What are the types of waxing?

Each floor has different types of waxing options, which provide different types of results. The type of waxing is chosen based on the customer’s wishes and requirements to achieve the most suitable result.

Wax can be used to treat various types of floor coverings – wood, laminate, parquet, linoleum and PVC, as well as tile and concrete floors. Waxing floor coverings must take into account the restrictions set by the manufacturer, which most often affect tile and laminate floors. Waxing a more porous floor is easier, as well as easier to maintain.

Each floor covering has a specifically suitable wax, as well as their use depends on the specific situation and preferences.

Matte wax is most commonly used for parquet and linoleum floors in shops or commercial premises, and glossy wax is more suitable for living spaces. Matte, semi-matt and glossy wax is also used for laminate, parquet and plank floors, which depends on the wishes and situation of each client. For concrete floors use primer wax and then emulsion wax. Retro wax gives an old-fashioned look, which makes the room more interesting and is a great design element.

What is the floor lubrication process?

As before waxing the floor, the floor must be cleaned and washed with specially designed detergents to prepare it for the lubrication process. Oil-coated floors must be cleaned with specially designed care products so that dirt and dust accumulates in the protective layer that is applied when using care products. Depending on the load on the floor surface, care must be taken to maintain the protective properties of the oil. We recommend that the floor be thoroughly cleaned every two years so that it can be cleaned and the top layer restored. It is worth noting that an oiled floor is more difficult to maintain.

What is the process of floor varnishing?

Before the floor is varnished, it is thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt to prevent the formation of rough spots. When varnishing the floor, it is important not only to get rid of dirt and dust, but also the room temperature, ventilation, as well as the temperature of the varnish and other factors that affect the varnishing of the floor. Varnishing is done with a roller or brush and it starts from the end of the room towards the door and varnishes every board. It is important not to leave unpainted areas so that the varnish coating is even.

To keep the lacquered floor longer, it is not recommended to walk on it with street shoes. We recommend washing the floor with a damp cloth instead of a wet one, as well as using clean water or a specially designed detergent. It is recommended to polish the floor once a year to maintain the good properties of the floor and last longer.

Hard floor care tips.

Over the years, we have developed tips that will make your floor look better, as well as make it last longer and retain its properties. Our tips are as follows:

  • use specially designed care products – each floor covering has specially suitable care products that do not damage it, but help to maintain the appearance of the floor;
  • sand and moisture – we recommend avoiding the constant presence of sand and moisture on the floor, as this may adversely affect the floor covering. Sand on the floor can cause abrasion, but moisture stains or even swelling of the floor;
  • moving furniture – pushing furniture can cause scratches and abrasions on the floor, wood, parquet and laminate flooring is especially sensitive. It is best to move the furniture by lifting and carrying it so that there are no permanent scratches on the surface.

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, to wax, varnish or lubricate your floor and make your floor last as long as possible!