General cleaning

General cleaning is necessary for any room, not only to clean it very thoroughly, but also to return the shine to the home. General cleaning is a time-consuming and extensive work to be done qualitatively. It also requires knowledge and various resources, so entrust this work to us.

We will take care of the necessary resources, inventory and equipment to perform the necessary work. We use the latest cleaning technologies and eco-cleaning products. We will perform general cleaning at a time agreed with you, as well as inspect and discuss the required amount of work in advance.

What general cleaning services are provided?

We offer general cleaning services for various premises. They are as follows:

  • general cleaning of houses and apartments;
  • general cleaning of supermarkets, production and warehouse premises;
  • general cleaning of offices, business premises;
  • general cleaning of guest houses and hotels;
  • general cleaning of other premises as needed and desired.

General cleaning includes various cleaning services:

  • floor cleaning and tidying;
  • carpet and upholstery cleaning;
  • window and facade cleaning and washing;
  • cleaning and washing of window frames and doors;
  • blinds cleaning and washing;
  • construction waste removal;
  • cleaning of the premises complex (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.);
  • territory cleaning;
  • c.

Why perform a general cleaning?

General cleaning introduces a completely new look and turns the usual space into a brand new one. Professional and thorough general cleaning transforms the room beyond recognition and creates inspiration. During it, the room is freed from various dirt, which can affect the air quality and your comfort without you even realizing it. After the general cleaning, further cleaning of the room is easier, because the room is cleaned in depth, so every corner and place is cleaned and washed without leaving room for dirt.

During the general cleaning, not only in-depth cleaning work is performed, but also it is possible to get rid of various substances, such as glues, paints, etc. We use a suitable cleaning agent for each surface so that it does not damage the surface and further protect it. It is no less important that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not pollute the environment and do not affect your health.

Professionally performed general cleaning provides an excellent and high-quality result, because with the experience accumulated over the years, we are able to prevent and anticipate various things that arise in the general cleaning process.

When to perform general cleaning?

We recommend performing general cleaning once or twice a year (in spring and autumn), as well as after repairs and construction work, which significantly increases the accumulation of dust and dirt in the room.

Why use environmentally friendly cleaning products?

The use of eco-friendly products is one of our main values, which we use not only in daily cleaning work, but also during general cleaning. There are various reasons why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Some of them are:

  • makes your home safer – eco-cleaners are safer because they do not contain substances that are dangerous, such as ammonia and chlorine, which are very often in traditional cleaners. Particular attention should be paid to homes with children and animals;
  • healthier – general cleaning uses a variety of cleaning products to get rid of dirt and dust, so we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that cause less harm to you and those around you. Symptoms of the harmful effects of traditional cleaning products can include coughing, sneezing, etc .;
  • better air quality – the use of traditional chemicals can contribute to greater indoor air pollution and can last longer in the air, while eco-friendly cleaners do not pollute the air, making the air cleaner and more pleasant;
  • protects the environment – ecological cleaners are environmentally friendly and do not pollute them Traditional cleaners can contain substances that are dangerous, toxic and pollute the air, while environmentally friendly cleaners are produced using a variety of modern production methods that are friendly;
  • saves money and makes cleaning easier – eco-friendly cleaners are often cheaper than traditional cleaners;
  • known composition of cleaning products – ecological cleaning companies choose to show the whole composition, so it is possible to know the whole composition, while traditional cleaning companies often choose to hide all ingredients

General cleaning tips

With years of experience, we have developed tips for general cleaning:

  • allow the window fluid to act before washing the windows;
  • upholstered furniture is best cleaned with a clean cloth dampened with a suitable cleaning agent;
  • when using a powder intended for a carpet, it must be sifted onto it evenly and allowed to act, then it is incorporated into the carpet with a special application apparatus and vacuumed out;
  • when cleaning the oven, it must be heated and allowed to run in so that the dirt softens.

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