Tidy office space is important for any company to not only leave a good impression on customers, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere for employees. Clean and tidy office space not only creates a pleasant atmosphere, but also shows the company’s attitude towards customers and employees. We perform cleaning works in coordination with the client, so that the wishes and needs of each client are met.

What are the types of office cleaning?

Office and premises cleaning work involves two basic types. Daily cleaning is done regularly. Full cleaning of the premises is performed at the most convenient time for you, most often before or after working hours, at night or on weekends. Today’s daily cleaning of office space also includes cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. Cleaning work is coordinated so as not to interfere with office work. We offer cleaning work every day or a couple of times a week, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Daily cleaning includes work such as cleaning floors and carpets, cleaning various surfaces, cleaning and polishing mirrors and light fixtures, and cleaning sanitary facilities. We also perform cleaning of various equipment and care and maintenance of houseplants.

General cleaning includes general cleaning work, which is most often performed once or twice a year, as well as after various repairs. During general cleaning, not only surfaces are cleaned, but also treated with protective agents to prolong their service life. During general cleaning, we also offer window cleaning both from the inside and from the outside, which often requires special equipment to be able to access areas that are difficult to clean.

General cleaning works include washing ceilings and walls, washing windows, as well as fans, etc. washing. In-depth cleaning of various surfaces, removal of stains, as well as application of various protective products to protect from daily exposure. We also offer outdoor cleaning, which includes mowing the grass, cleaning the parking lot, etc. Depending on the wishes of each client, we perform other cleaning works.

What is included in the cleaning of office premises?

Office space can be different. They can be quite simple and include only a small space, as well as spacious rooms that include different types of space, such as office space, kitchen, facilities. Depending on the size and specific needs of the office space, the cleaning time of the office space can vary significantly, so it is important to coordinate not only the cleaning time, but also all cleaning work.

Cleaning of office premises includes cleaning of various surfaces, which includes dust removal and washing, cleaning of various equipment (telephone, printer, etc.), as well as floor cleaning and washing. Daily cleaning also includes plant care and changing the waste bin to make your stay in the office pleasant and create a good atmosphere.

In offices where there is a kitchen, we also clean it. A variety of surfaces are cleaned, including stove and refrigerator cleaning, as well as dishwasher and sink cleaning. Various kitchen appliances, such as a toaster and microwave, are cleaned and washed. Sinks are not only cleaned and washed, but also disinfected. The dishes are washed or inserted and removed from the dishwasher and put in the appropriate places. Light fixtures and mirrors are washed and polished. As with office premises, plant maintenance and waste container replacement are performed. When cleaning the kitchen, it is important to take care of disinfecting various surfaces and objects so that the kitchen is hygienic and pleasant.

When cleaning toilets, it is important not only to get rid of dust, but also to wash and disinfect. The floors and various surfaces are washed, as well as the sink and toilet are cleaned, washed and disinfected using environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection products. The waste bins are cleaned and, if necessary, the soap and tualt paper are replaced.

Why choose us?

There are several reasons to choose SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” for cleaning your office space. Some of them are:

  • employees are professional and experienced;
  • You will save time and money;
  • we provide 100% quality;
  • we are reliable and punctual;
  • we are available 24 hours a day;
  • clean and tidy according to a previously agreed plan;
  • we are eco-friendly, we use environmentally friendly detergents;
  • we use the latest cleaning technologies.

We clean your office so that it is clean in every place. When cleaning office space, it is important that it is of high quality, that the stay in the office is pleasant and that all the necessary work is done to ensure a high level of hygiene. We perform cleaning of office premises both daily and general in order to perform complete office cleaning. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are not harmful to employees and customers, as well as provide access to even hard-to-reach places using the latest technology.

Why use environmentally friendly cleaning products?

The use of eco-friendly products is one of our core values. There are various reasons why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the office cleaning service. Some of them are:

  • the office is safer – traditional cleaners are often toxic, flammable, etc., so a mixture of different chemical cleaners can be dangerous (chlorine and ammonia). In order not to cause dangerous situations, we use eco-products;
  • protects health – traditional cleaning products can be harmful to your customers and employees, so by using environmentally friendly cleaning products we provide more favorable conditions for health. The use of chemical cleaners can cause coughing, frequent sneezing, various skin problems, and other symptoms that affect health;
  • cleaner indoor air – eco-friendly cleaners provide better indoor air quality, making employees’ daily lives more enjoyable. Various harmful compounds can be harmful to health because they can stay in the air longer than eco-cleaners;
  • protects the environment – by choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we protect the environment. Traditional cleaning products may contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and harmful to the ecosystem. By using environmentally friendly detergents, we ensure that nature is protected;
  • saves money and makes cleaning easier – when you buy universal ecological cleaning products that are suitable for different cleaning things, it is not necessary to buy different chemical cleaning products that are designed for different purposes. In addition, organic cleaners are often cheaper than dry cleaners;
  • You know what’s in the cleaning products – eco-friendly cleaning companies choose to show the full composition, so it’s possible to know the full composition, and dry cleaning companies often choose to show only part of the composition.

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, so that your office premises are clean and pleasant for your customers and employees.