Facade glazing, window washing

It is pleasant to stay in a room where sunlight can shine freely, especially if the windows are clean and shiny and are not covered with various stains and imprints. Washing facades and windows is a time-consuming and complicated process, so entrust this work to us. We use professional and modern equipment as well as environmentally friendly cleaning products. The technology we use allows access even in hard-to-reach places. We clean facades and windows at various heights.

Our services include:

  • window cleaning and washing at various heights;
  • cleaning and washing of facade walls;
  • window and showcase washing;
  • window sill cleaning and washing.

Window washing

Window washing is performed by specialists with several years of experience, who will not only perform quality work and achieve excellent results, but will also provide advice and find the best solution just for you. We use the latest technology and ecological cleaning products in window cleaning, which save time, resources and are environmentally friendly. They help to remove even very dirty and difficult-to-clean stains on windows, as well as to reach hard-to-reach places. We perform cleaning at any height and slope.

We clean and wash windows both inside and out, thus achieving the best results. We also clean window frames and window sills. We wash windows for private houses as well as public and commercial buildings. The frequency of window washing depends on factors such as the location of the building, weather conditions and other factors.

Clean windows allow sunlight to enter and make the atmosphere of the room more pleasant, no less important is that it saves electricity.

Facade washing

The facade is just as important as clean windows, so it needs to be cared for to keep its original appearance. It is like a business card for any building and leaves a first impression. The façade is most exposed to external factors, such as street dust and dirt, weather conditions, etc. It is no less important that the well-groomed façade glazing does not accumulate dirt that damages the building.

We use modern technology to clean and wash the facade glazing with the latest options, as well as with environmentally friendly detergents. We clean facades of any height and slope. Facades are washed so that no sediment and stains are left.

Why choose us?

There are several reasons to choose SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” for washing windows and facades. Some of them are:

  • employees are professional and experienced;
  • You will save time and money;
  • we provide 100% quality;
  • we are reliable;
  • we are available 24 hours a day;
  • we are eco-friendly, we use environmentally friendly detergents;
  • we use the latest cleaning technologies;
  • we clean even hard-to-reach places;
  • we coordinate the washing process with you.

We clean windows and facade glazing with the latest technology, thus cleaning even hard-to-reach areas. We are proud to offer high quality professional service. We ensure that your individual needs are met.

We will provide the best cleaning options just for you, using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Why do we use environmentally friendly window and facade cleaners?

The use of eco-friendly products is one of our core values. One of the main reasons is that they are environmentally friendly. Here are some of the reasons why we use organic detergents:

  • they protect health – windows and facades can be washed in a large area, so the products used can affect the health of the people around them. Various traditional cleansers contain substances that can be harmful to health and cause coughing, frequent sneezing, skin problems and other symptoms. Environmentally friendly detergents are less harmful to health, thus not causing various health problems;
  • cleaner indoor air – cleaning windows from the inside affects indoor air Traditional cleaning products can negatively affect the air in the room and promote various health problems, while the composition of ecological cleaning products is less harmful;
  • protects the environment and the air – by choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we protect the environment. Due to the fact that facades and windows can be large, more detergents are consumed, which can affect the earth’s ecosystem and air quality when released into the air. Traditional detergents are not environmentally friendly and can contaminate them, which affects the ambient air quality;
  • saves money and makes cleaning easier – when buying ecological products that are suitable for different cleaning things, it is not necessary to buy different chemical cleaning products, which are meant for each case. Last but not least, organic cleaners are often cheaper than dry cleaners;
  • known composition of detergents – traditional detergent companies do not always disclose the full composition of the product, while ecological cleaning products have everything in the composition

Window washing tips

Over time, we have developed various tips for washing windows. Some of them are:

  • it is recommended to start washing the windows from the inside to keep the cleaning agent and tools as clean as possible for longer (outside the windows are much dirtier than inside);
  • it is appropriate to place a towel or cloth under the window so that the excess liquid flows into them and does not damage the window sill surface;
  • it is important to choose suitable washing tools The most convenient window cleaning tool is a squeegee that does not smear dirt and does not generate static electricity;
  • it is best to clean the windows when the sun’s rays are not facing the windows, so that the drying process of the windows is longer and no scratches form when they dry;
  • it is also important to wash the window frames and window sills, with which it is also best to start the window washing process;
  • windows can be wiped with a microfiber or paper towel;
  • using a suede cloth, the window can be polished.

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, so that your windows and facade are clean and let sunlight into your premises!