Linoleum, parquet floor waxing, polymer protective layer application in Riga, Latvia

Linoleum floors need not only to be cleaned and washed, but also to be provided with a protective layer that prolongs the life of the linoleum floor, as well as they have a more pleasant appearance. We offer waxing of linoleum floors and application of a polymer protective layer, which is the basis for the preservation of each linoleum floor.

Linoleum cleaning

Linoleum coverings can be made of different materials, but the most commonly used are PVC and polymer. They have a small top layer that loses its function over time and begins to wear out. Intense walking and the use of flooring can create impressions as well as stains and scratches.

Improper cleaning and poor maintenance will cause the floor to wear out over time, become unsightly and more difficult to clean. We offer cleaning of linoleum floors using the latest technologies and environmentally friendly cleaning products, not only to remove stains, but also to restore the visual appearance of the linoleum floor.

Why wax linoleum?

Linoleum floor waxing has various advantages that help keep linoleum in good condition and provide a longer service life. Some reasons to wax linoleum are as follows:

  • prevents scratches – due to the use of the floor and the wear of the wax coating without regular floor waxing scratches can appear very easily;
  • prevents the rise of linoleum – when the protective wax layer wears out, the linoleum is exposed to water and other materials that can promote the rise of linoleum from the floor;
  • prevents any discoloration or discoloration – without proper protection, constant movement of linoleum can cause discoloration of the paint and gloss and even discoloration This is usually due to dirt, debris and lack of protective coating;
  • provides shine – proper floor care and use of a protective layer, provides linoleum shine and it looks like new.

Floor waxing products

First of all, it is important to choose the right type of product that is suitable for the particular floor covering. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent specially specified by the manufacturer, so that the floor is not damaged and lasts longer. It is also important to note that waxes should not be used on non-waxed floors.

There are two types of floor wax finishes available:

Liquid waxes – they are relatively easy to apply and are designed for linoleum floors, as well as cork or wood surfaces;

Hard paste waxes – paste wax takes more time than liquid wax, but it lasts longer and provides a better shine.

It is recommended to clean and wax the floor once or twice a year (depending on the use of the floor).

We offer to remove the floor wax so that it is possible to reapply the wax.

What is the process of waxing linoleum floor?

Before waxing the linoleum, it is recommended to remove the previous layer of wax using wax removal products. This process does not cause any damage. After removing the wax, the linoleum must be washed and completely dried. No less important is that the floor must be clean of various dirt before applying the wax. Before waxing the floor, it is important to clean it to get rid of dirt. The polymer protective layer is applied and embedded in the surface. After application, the linoleum is easily cleaned to complete the application of the polymer layer.

Why choose us?

There are several reasons to choose SIA “Tīrības pamats” for waxing linoleum and applying a protective layer. Some of them are:

  • employees are professional and experienced;
  • You will save time and money;
  • we provide 100% quality;
  • we are reliable and punctual;
  • we are available 24 hours a day;
  • we are eco-friendly, we use environmentally friendly detergents;
  • we use the latest cleaning technologies.

We apply linoleum wax to protect the linoleum floor covering from various influences. Scratches and wear are the most common problems with linoleum floors. Depending on various factors, we will find the best wax, polymer layer to protect your floor from rapid wear. We use environmentally friendly products, as well as the latest technologies, so that the waxing is of high quality and lasts longer.

Why use environmentally friendly cleaning products?

The use of eco-friendly products is one of our core values. We also use it in linoleum floor care and waxing. There are various reasons why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products:

  • the house is safer – given the various warning signs on traditional cleaning products, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products that reduce the risk of hazards and toxic substances;
  • Protects health – by using ecological cleaning products, we reduce the negative effects on health, which are especially important for children and animals. Traditional cleansers can cause a variety of health problems, such as skin problems and coughs;
  • cleaner indoor air – using ecological cleaning products reduces indoor air pollution, thus making the air cleaner and more pleasant;
  • protects the environment – by choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we protect the environment. Organic cleaning products are produced using sustainable production methods, naturally obtained, safe, without toxic substances that protect the nature;
  • You know what’s in the cleaning products – ecological cleaning companies choose to show the entire composition, which allows you to know the ingredients in the cleaning product, as well as their effects on the air, health, etc.

Linoleum floor care tips.

Sweep the dirt off the floor, you can both sweep it with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner in the appropriate suction mode. It is important to get rid of dirt not only in places where people walk often, but also in corners and crevices where dirt can penetrate.

Try using natural cleaners, as they are more gentle on the linoleum floor surface. It is no less important to use cleaning agents for linoleum floor surfaces, thus preserving the protective layer of the polymer and keeping the floor longer. It is important to use as little water as possible so that it dries faster and does not cause the linoleum to rise.

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, so that your linoleum is like new!