Carpets and upholstered furniture are more difficult to clean than hard surfaces and coverings because dirt eats into the material more easily, but regular care and cleaning helps to keep them in good condition.

What are the types of soft floor coverings?

There are different types of soft flooring, so it is important to choose the right cleaning products and techniques for each type of flooring so that it is not damaged.

Types of soft floor coverings:

  • carpet – this is the most popular type. The carpet is one of the softest types of soft cover, it is perfect for living and sleeping. The carpet can be placed freely on the floor or attached to it, depending on the type and needs of each carpet. As some of the negative aspects of the carpet are, it is difficult to clean, as well as it can accumulate various allergens. The carpet can also have rolls that are laid throughout the room, as well as carpet tiles from which the carpet is formed.
  • vinyl – it is very soft, as well as it is easy to care for and does not accumulate allergens. It is more durable than carpet flooring. Vinyl flooring may look like hardwood flooring, but it is soft and pleasant;
  • cork flooring – this flooring is very modern and is made of wooden bark. It is very soft, but looks like a hard floor. Although cork flooring is very pleasant, various furniture and sharp objects can create dents in the floor, such as high-heeled shoes, furniture legs, etc. to avoid this, the cork floor needs special care

Types of soft floor coverings:

Soft floor coverings can be made of different materials that affect cleaning and tidying. Natural fiber carpets can be made of animal fibers or vegetable fibers. They require frequent maintenance and cleaning, but they are durable and warm.

Synthetic fiber soft flooring is often more flexible and less expensive. Polypropylene and polyester are not wear-resistant and are not recommended for use where there is a lot of movement on the floor, however, polyamide is very flexible and wear-resistant.

Dry cleaning of carpets

Carpet cleaning is a complicated and time consuming process to achieve good results and really clean it. Due to the fact that the carpet is exposed to various dirt, dust and other factors every day, it can quickly wear out and lose its original appearance.

There are two types of carpet cleaning steps:

Dry cleaning of carpets – it is the beating / shaking of the carpet with a specially designed equipment to get rid of sand, dust, etc. A dry powder is used, which is mixed with various solvents and cleaning agents to remove various stains. It is then aspirated.

Advantages of dry carpet cleaning:

  • an easy way to clean carpets;
  • dries quickly and can be used again.

Negative aspects of dry carpet cleaning:

  • the powder may get stuck in the carpet and accumulate in it;
  • may cause excessive dust accumulation;
  • it is not possible to perform deep carpet cleaning.

Dry cleaning and washing of carpets – the carpet is treated with a cleaning agent that helps to clean liquid and oil-based stains. The water is then heated and the carpet is washed, which is then vacuumed out. This can sometimes be repeated several times until the carpet is clean.

Pros of dry cleaning and washing carpets:

  • cleans even deeply stained stains;
  • uses high temperatures, pressures and various chemical concentrates that help clean the carpet;
  • a very common method.

Negative aspects include:

  • long drying process, but it can be reduced by using a special and powerful technique;
  • relatively more expensive cleaning method.

Carpet dry foam or shampoo cleaning method – carpet cleaner is applied to it, which helps to remove dirt and stains on the carpet. It is then foamed and treated with a special cleaning machine. After a short time, the foam is vacuumed out.

Positive aspects of the carpet dry foam cleaning method:

  • quick and easy way;
  • a special machine with rotating brushes helps to remove stains;
  • relatively inexpensive method;
  • relatively little moisture.

Negative aspects of the dry carpet cleaning method:

  • it is not possible to perform in-depth cleaning of the carpet;
  • Improper use of the equipment can lead to a large amount of moisture in the carpet;
  • high temperature is not reached, which prevents the removal of stains.

Carpet restoration and repair

Carpets can wear out and wear out, but this does not always mean that they need to be replaced if it is possible to restore and repair the carpet.

We offer carpet restoration or repair using the latest technologies. Thanks to them, it is possible to completely renovate the carpet from various damage.

Loose carpet and wrinkle removal.

Wrinkles and loose carpet can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • incorrect installation;
  • dragging heavy objects along it;
  • using too much moisture when cleaning it;
  • low quality and worn foundation;
  • weakly attached

Wrinkles not only create a danger of getting caught, but also accelerate the process of carpet wear. We level the carpet and cut it to the appropriate length to make the carpet last longer and move more safely.

Carpet restoration and repair service includes:

  • threshold and transition installation;
  • sealing of burnt, torn or permanent patches;
  • restoration of broken joints;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • patching various holes;
  • removal of mold and other substances from the carpet;
  • water damage restoration;
  • restoration of carpet ornaments;
  • c.

Why dry carpets?

There are various reasons to dry clean carpets, some of which are:

  • deep cleaning helps to preserve the carpet and prolongs its service life;
  • various stains that are difficult to clean are cleaned;
  • the carpet is treated with a cleaning agent specially designed for each material, which removes various dirt;
  • the carpet is treated with various means that help it last longer;
  • the carpet is freed from various odors that have eaten into it (mold, urine, etc.). The carpet is treated with a means that prevents the smell from returning to the mold;
  • the presence of various microbes in the carpet is limited, as well as their re-appearance is prevented by using specially designed products
  • static electricity is prevented by various means that prevent its occurrence;
  • various microelements are cleaned with products that are not harmful to children and pets;
  • c.

Upholstered furniture cleaning

Cleaning upholstered furniture is just as important as cleaning any other surface to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt and to ensure the longer life of the furniture.

We clean upholstered furniture for various fabric and leather furniture, as well as furniture for other soft materials.

SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” provides in-depth cleaning of upholstered furniture:

  • we use environmentally friendly cleaning products for each material so as not to damage the fabric;
  • we use different methods, depending on the wishes and needs of each client, to clean even stubborn and corroded stains. We provide minimal furniture drying time (if necessary);
  • we ensure proper care of each material to prevent material shrinkage, etc .;
  • clean efficiently and qualitatively to ensure the cleanliness of the furniture;
  • we use the latest technology that helps to get rid of dirt efficiently and quickly.

Carpet cleaning tips

Over time, we have developed carpet cleaning tips:

  • When cleaning stains and various stains, do not rub the carpet, but lightly press on the stain using paper towels or cloth. Rubbing can cause deep dirt to seep into the carpet and damage the carpet. They must be cleaned as soon as possible;
  • the service life of the carpet will be extended if it is regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that dirt does not settle in the fibers and does not damage the carpet;
  • do not forget to clean the carpet from the underside, if possible At least once a month it is recommended to thoroughly clean the carpet from the underside to get rid of sand and dirt that has accumulated at the bottom of the carpet;
  • try shaving foam, they are a great way to remove light stains. Apply it to the carpet, let it work (for about 30 minutes), then apply a clean cloth or paper towel and press it with a weight so that it absorbs the foam. It is important to remember that the carpet must not be rubbed;
  • A high-quality and powerful vacuum cleaner is important to get rid of dust and dirt as well as possible. This is especially important at home with children and pets to get rid of feathers and dust mites or fleas;
  • for cleaning carpets with products, we recommend using a cleaning agent for each material;
  • to get rid of unpleasant odors, we recommend using store-bought cleaners with scents or specially sprayed scents

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, so that your upholstered furniture and carpet are clean and pleasant.