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Holidays are a time of joy and joy, but for most people, the holiday season is also full of worries. Many are busy with daily chores, but many host celebrations and welcome guests. The first thing that suffers when planning a holiday is the home. No one has time to clean and often the cleaning work after the holidays is extensive. This is where the services of professional cleaning companies come in handy.

In terms of professional high-quality cleaning of the premises during the holidays – this is one of the services that is not widely offered. We offer such a service from simple carpet cleaning to complete cleaning of the house to make it sparkling clean. With the help of professional cleaning products, it is possible to clean even what seems impossible not only by making it clean, but also tidy. With many years of experience in cleaning houses and premises, we guarantee excellent results after the holiday celebration.

What cleaning services do we provide during the holidays?

Party and party room cleaning.

When receiving guests in their homes, many people worry about the atmosphere and cleanliness of the house. Hospitality and a good atmosphere include cleaning the house to ensure that it is beautiful, tidy, clean and guests feel comfortable and happy. Holiday and party planning can sometimes be hectic, so contact us, SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, to ensure the cleanliness and order of your holidays and parties. Our professional cleaning will ensure that your home is ready to receive guests when they come to you, with brilliance and cleanliness.

House and room cleaning before holidays and parties.

Our holiday and party cleaning services will help prepare your house before the holidays and parties. If you are expecting guests, one of the main things is to make a good impression. You can be sure that your house is in perfect condition – contact SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” to get professional cleaning before the party. Our cleaning specialists will make sure that your house is flawless and radiant to provide your guests with a beautiful, comfortable and friendly environment.

House and room cleaning after holidays and parties.

When the party is over and the guests are gone, the guest host has a lot of work to do to keep the premises tidy and clean again. Contact us for professional and quality cleaning. Our specialists will remove stains, clean and wash the floor, collect all waste, as well as perform other necessary cleaning work to restore order in your home with professional cleaning products. After a busy holiday season or party planning, you will have a well-deserved rest without any worries. Leave the cleaning work in the hands of our team to achieve excellent results.

Why choose professional cleaning during the holidays?

Proper and thorough cleaning.

SIA “Tīrības pamats” is proud of providing careful, high-quality and professional residential and commercial cleaning services to our customers. We understand how easy it is for our customers to see the rooms clean and shiny, so we do our best to maintain this feeling regardless of the size of the work. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, including party and party room cleaning, to help make customers’ busy lives much easier. Customers can trust us, we provide quality results, where all work will be performed at a time agreed with you.

Professional cleaning saves time and money.

Anyone who has tried to clean their whole house in preparation for the holiday knows that it all takes a very long time, the work is difficult to do before the holiday and celebration, but especially after them, they can even take a whole weekend to achieve a great result. Our employees can do all this during the day with professional cleaning products. Instead of spending all your time cleaning, flooring, closets, laundry and other things, and making sure your house is completely dust-free and in perfect condition, you can use this time to do other important things, such as buying gifts. , decorating or other works for parties. Many people think that hiring a professional cleaning service is an unnecessary cost that they do not want to incur, but when preparing to receive guests, as well as after the party, cleaning the house takes a lot of time and various resources to keep it in excellent order. It is a good investment to make sure that guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Buy ū make an impression results.

Holidays are a time when guests, whether welcome or not, come to visit. Sometimes it can happen that the houses are not cleaned enough and are in chaos, which creates additional stress for both the owner and guests. Cleaning specialists and professional cleaning products will ensure that the house is perfectly clean after cleaning, so the result will be impressive and will leave a good impression.

Restores the shine of homes and rooms after the holidays

Cleaning your home and premises before holidays and celebrations is one thing, but what about waste and dirt after holidays and celebrations? After the holidays, you are tired of completely cleaning your home and premises and getting rid of stains that are difficult to clean, such as wine stains on the carpet.

Contact us – SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” to restore the splendor of the house after the party.