Premises cleaning after repair in Riga, throughout Latvia

Repairs and construction work can cause a lot of clutter, a lot of dust and dirt in your home. This not only prevents the enjoyment of the renovated space, but also hinders the commissioning of the facility. SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” cleans the premises after repairs so that it is ready for habitation.

Premises cleaning after repair – works:

Cleaning and tidying up after repairs are varied to ensure the room is clean and to make sure every place is clean. Some of the cleaning work includes:

  • collection of all waste, dirt and debris (indoors and outdoors), their removal;
  • removal of protective materials;
  • window cleaning and polishing inside and out;
  • cleaning, washing and disinfection of various surfaces;
  • cleaning of cabinets, shelves, etc., washing from the inside;
  • wall and ceiling cleaning;
  • floor cleaning and washing, as well as treatment with protective materials, if necessary;
  • removal and washing of various substances and stains from all types of surfaces (cement, paints, etc.);
  • facade washing (if necessary);
  • c.

Why choose us for cleaning the premises after the repair?

There are several reasons to choose SIA “Tīrības pagrindas” for cleaning premises after repair. Some of them are:

  • employees are professional and experienced;
  • You will save time and money;
  • clean, wash and disinfect;
  • we are reliable, high-quality punctual;
  • we are available 24 hours a day;
  • we are eco-friendly, we use environmentally friendly detergents;
  • we use the latest cleaning technologies.

After repairs, dirt can be more difficult to clean, as they are often settled and it is necessary to use different devices to clean all the dirt, so the house is clean after repairs with the latest technology, which allows access to even the most difficult places, . It is no less important that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which are essential for cleaning the room after repairs, when cleaning products can be used in larger quantities than usual.

We provide high quality service to keep the room clean and free of dust and dirt. We ensure that your individual needs are met, as well as coordinate the most suitable time for you.

Why use environmentally friendly cleaning products?

The use of ecological cleaning and detergents is one of our core values. We also use them to clean the premises after repairs to reduce air pollution and not harm the environment. Some of the reasons we use eco-detergents are:

  • rooms are safer – traditional detergent labels have various warning signals, such as flammable, toxic, etc. Many chemicals (such as chlorine and ammonia) can be dangerous when mixed together to reduce the risk, we use environmentally friendly cleaners that does not contain dangerous and toxic substances;
  • Protects health – Traditional cleaning products are harmful to health and can cause a variety of health problems. Due to the fact that more cleaning agents are used to clean the room after the repair, in order to get rid of dirt and dust, which can have a significant impact on health, we reduce the risk of damage by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents;
  • cleaner indoor air – the use of traditional chemicals can contribute to greater indoor air pollution, which can be more polluted when cleaning the premises after repairs, so using environmentally friendly cleaning products makes the indoor air cleaner and more pleasant;
  • environmentally friendly – by choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we protect the environment. When more detergents need to be used, this can have an increased impact on the environment;
  • saves money and makes cleaning easier – when buying ecological products that are suitable for different cleaning things, it is not necessary to buy different chemical cleaning products, which are meant for each case. During intensive cleaning, this can save money and make cleaning easier, thus speeding up the process;
  • You know what’s in detergents – knowing the composition of detergents allows you to choose the safest of all, so when choosing organic detergents, their composition is known, while traditional and chemical detergent manufacturers do not always reveal the full composition.

Premises cleaning tips after repair

Taking into account the experience of SIA “Tīrības pagrindas”, we have identified several things that are the basis for efficient and high-quality cleaning after repair:

  • choose a large waste bin that is easy to place vertically – large and stable waste bins that are also spacious significantly reduce cleaning time;
  • Apply soft material to the floor – it can be a sheet or any other material. During repair and cleaning, the floor covering can be easily scratched, and dust and dirt can get into it, making it difficult to clean the floor. Applying newspapers and magazines does not always protect the floor, as they are fragile and can easily break, as well as do not absorb various liquids;
  • follow a cleaning plan – cleaning after repairs can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it usually requires a special approach. Creating a plan can save you time and make the process easier. For example, start with the farthest room or part of the room from the entrance, then make a plan in which the cleaning work will be performed. Windows and walls are usually cleaned first, only then the floors. Of course, if it is necessary to clean cabinets and other furniture, they must be cleaned before washing the floor;
  • protect the furniture – if possible, protect the furniture during repairs to prevent the presence of dust and dirt. This significantly reduces cleaning time and costs;
  • use specially designed tools – it is important to use tools that are suitable for cleaning after repair. For example, a vacuum cleaner is usually not suitable for cleaning a room after repair because it does not have enough power. Invest in various cleaning cloths;
  • wash the windows – cleaning after repairs is a great time to completely clean the windows, both inside and out;
  • wipe all hard surfaces – it is important to wipe all hard surfaces before cleaning the floor so that dirt and dust fall on it. Be careful when using cleaning agents so that they do not damage the surface, use cleaning agents designed for the specific surface;
  • clean ventilation openings and filters – repair dirt and dust settles not only in clearly visible and accessible places, but also in ventilation openings and filters, therefore it is important to clean them after repair so that they continue to perform their function;
  • do not forget about small things – most often clean and obvious things are cleaned, but also seemingly insignificant things are important to clean to get rid of all the dust and dirt.

Contact us, SIA “Tīrības pamats”, so that your room will be clean and pleasant after the repair.